Candidate Survey Results

Each candidate for the Manatee County Board of Commissioners and School Board was emailed a "candidate surevy" which contained a set of questions submitted by various community members. The instructions were simple: The survey was optional. Candidates could answer any or all questions. They were all allowed to submit any additional information. Initially, there wasn't a deadline; however, when the rensponse was slow, a deadline was set. It was extended one week when it was discovered that one candidate had not received the surevy due to an error on our part. The final deadline was Friday, August 5th. No additional surveys will be accepted.

Below is a list of all candidates. Surveys were returned only by those whose names are underlined and in blue indicating a link. Clicking on those links will take you to that candidate's response to the survey which will open as a pdf document. Closing that document will bring you back to this page.

County Commission School Board **
District 1* (Winner Decided 8/30)
District 1
Corie M. Holmes Edward G. Viltz (runoff)
Priscilla Whisenant Trace (winner) Gina K. Messenger (runoff)
Ronald Reagan Linda S. Schaich
District 3
Xtavia K. Bailey
David Zaccaganino
District 3
Matthew J. Bower Charles S. Conoley
Stephen Jonsson David Watchdog Miner (runoff)
District 5* (Winner Decided 8/30)
Misty Servia (runoff)
Kathleen S. Grant
District 5
Vanessa A. Baugh (winner) John Colon
District 7
Betsy Benac
Jack Richardson

* Open to all voters in district regardless of party affiliation.
** School Board election is open to every voter regardless of district.

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