Don't Let the Developers Destroy
Glazier-Gates Park

It's not just the county commission that doles out favors to developers, the Bradenton city council does the same thing!  This controversial swap was part of a hearing on 11/19/14 for a 'Predevelopment Agreement' with Hatfield Development and NDC Construction, that was not added to the Agenda until less than 24 hours before the meeting!  The 8/19/15 Planning Commission was just a rubber-stamped approval for the city to go forward, as was the 9/9/15 first reading of the land swap.  This goes before council for a vote on 9/23/15 at 6:00 PM.  We need to pack council chambers with people willing to sign-up for public comment to tell the council, NO!  LET THE DEVELOPERS BUILD ONLY ON WHAT THEY BOUGHT.  LEAVE GLAZIER-GATES ALONE, AND NO SPECIAL CONSIDERATION FOR ADDITIONAL HEIGHT AND DENSITY FOR THE PROJECT!  THIS PROJECT WILL APPROVE 531 APARTMENTS ON A VERY BUSY ONE-WAY STRETCH OF MANATEE AVENUE, JUST EAST OF ONE OF OUR BUSIEST INTERSECTIONS!

There was no communication with the community surrounding Glazier-Gates.  What is worse is that this park is available for use by the entire city and county - no one was notified or informed. 

I agree with Skip Speer (seen his name on a blog "People of Manatee need to join in a grassroots rally - and even learned about this website), that WE THE PEOPLE need to do something!  Mr. Speer, please forward this e-mail to all of your supporters, we need immediate help at the 9/23/15 city council meeting. 

There is a lot of anti-government, ant-development sentiment right now - as Mr. Speer points out, but we all seem to focus on the particular development that hurts us most.  I agree that we need to coalesce on this issue in an 'in-your-face-way' so that they understand that we mean business!  I started a 'Picket-at-the-Park' for Glazier-Gates, and it has made many people aware of what the city was quietly trying to scam past the public, and many pulled over and signed our petition to save the park.  Let's make this whole over-development issue an bigger movement.

Can we actually plan a demonstration on Manatee Avenue in front of the County Administration building with signs demanding a change in the way our local government gives special consideration to developers?

Because I live in what may become the new home of Glazier-Gates Park, and as such becomes a much greater target for an eminent domain taking, I know I would be there with a sign.

Please advise,

Jackie Atwood
Bradenton, FL  34208
(941) 748-1461

Click HERE to sign the petition.