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Sign Up For "Our Manatee" Emails

Follow the steps below to be added to the "Our Manatee" email list.

1 - Start a new email and address it to:
(Easy to copy and paste)

2 - For the subject of that email put "subscribe" (Don't include the quotation marks.)

3 - Send the email (see example below)

email sample

4 - After a few minutes you will receive a response email from the "Our Manatee Yahoo Group" requesting that you confirm your request to join the email list.

5 - That response will give you two options. Select the 2nd one which is to simply click "Reply" and then "Send". That is it. You will now start receiving informative emails from "Our Manatee". Thanks for joining!!!

6 - If you want to send a message to the whole group simply address an email to ourmanatee@yahoogroups.com fill in the subject field and write and send your email as usual.

Helpful Hints

  • As a security measure Yahoo now requires that anyone who wants to join a Yahoo! group must have a Yahoo account first.  That involves setting up a Yahoo! email account.  You may never use the email account but it can be handy sometimes. Make sure you record your Yahoo email address and password as you will need that to log into the Our Manatee Yahoo Group.
  • If you already are a member of the group you will get an email informing you of that. In that event just use your Yahoo! email account address and password to sign into the "Our Manatee" yahoo group.
  • If you already are a member of the yahoo group but don't remember your log-in information, send an email to ourmanateecounty@gmail.com explaining your situation and we will delete your our manatee yahoo group account in which case you will have to request to become a member just as if you never were a member.
  • If you are still having problems, send an email to ourmanateecounty@gmail.com explaining your problem.
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